You found your way to BOOKMARKED, a site containing a curated list of my favorite fanfiction. I've been reading fanfics for about two decades now. A plethora of saved stories and fic accounts later, I decided I needed one place where I could access all the stories I want to reread. This is what this site is for.

In the mood to read? Feel free to peruse my picks, and I hope you'll agree that these are the best romantic stories each fandom has produced. Because this site is not a comprehensive list of all the fics I have read, please do not be surprised if the rec list is just short. I deliberately went for quality over quantity, and selected the stories based on these preferences. (BTW, all fics recommended here are SFW and feature het ships.)

Works are sorted by ship, not series; if a pairing isn't familiar, give it a chance—maybe you'll find your new OTP. Never heard of fanfiction before? Perhaps my short primer can help.

Happy reading!

Last updated February 25, 2019

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